Two Scott City teens rescued after falling down ravine

(Source: Tyler Barnhart)
(Source: Tyler Barnhart)
Brandon & Austin
Brandon & Austin

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - After school on Tuesday afternoon 11-year-old Austin Barnhart and 13-year-old Brandon Wright left Brandon's house in Scott City and went for a 30 minute walk out into the county.

They headed out toward the old rock quarry outside of Scott City. They quickly ran into trouble when the ground crumbled beneath them sending them sliding down a steep embankment.

"It was scary", said Austin Barnhart.

It's estimated the boys slid at least 75 feet.

Austin says he was able to crawl into a small cave to safety, but a bee distracted Brandon and he says he slid even further down the embankment.

"I almost fell off the cliff 400 feet to my death," said Brandon Wright.

Brandon says at that point his friend helped pull him up to the cave.

"If he hadn't done that I probably wouldn't be here today," said Brandon Wright. "I was telling him to tell my mom that I love her."

Before the boys left out on their adventure, Brandon's mom made him take a cell phone.

"I hate to even think about what would have happened, " said Dana Wright-Brandon's mom.

The boys were able to call Austin Barnhart's dad who was able to pull Austin to safety. They called 911, and at least 12 volunteer firefighters from Scott City came to Brandon's aid.

"Norman Brant is a hero in my eyes, " said Dana Wright of the firefighter who rescued her son.

Scott City Fire Chief Jay Cassout says several of his staff members just brushed up on rope rescues over the weekend.

"It certainly helped," said Cassout. "The equipment doesn't do you any good if you don't know how to use it."

Cassout is very proud of his crew.

The boys came out of the wooded area with only a few scratches.

Brandon Wright's mother believes divine intervention played a role in keeping the boys safe.

"They weren't alone out there," said Dana Wright.

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