Does it Work Wednesday: iScope

BLODGETT, MO (KFVS) - Rob Russell of Blodgett is right on target with his invention, iScope.  It's a smart phone adapter for guns.  Put simply, it mounts your phone to your gun. You use the phone camera to see your target more clearly and even record your hunt.

"You no longer have to use one eye and squint," said Russell.

Rob came up with this idea by accident one day up in his tree stand when he was playing around with his phone's camera.

"I got to looking at it. Boom--it went full screen and I could see the full cross-hairs and the deer. It was pretty amazing."

He shows us the proof by setting up some melons as targets.  He fires and hits the melons each time while using the iScope on his gun.

Rob said this is really handy for adults who are teaching kids how to hunt and to how to line the target correctly, like he does with his own son.

He's also had several clients with disabilities or vision problems say this product allows them to hunt with ease; something they couldn't do before.

So, we know, Rob, the inventor, is trigger happy about his product. Let's take this to local deer hunter Matt Blackburn and get an unbiased opinion.

"It's something that would take adjustment."

He  has no trouble attaching this to his gun. We download the 99-cent Video Zoom 2 app, which is key.  Matt's now ready to hit a bull's eye.

"Pretty neat! A lot bigger view than by just looking at your scope."

Matt thinks this would take getting used to. He's used to leaning in and shooting.

"It's a very cool option. It's something I'd want to practice a lot."

He thinks the $120 price tag is right in line with other hunting accessories.

"I'd give it a B+," said Blackburn.

Let's pull the trigger and give the iScope a great B+ on this Does it Work test.

You can buy this online from the inventor at

After April 1st, Rob Russell said Bass Pro stores will sell this in their 60-plus stores.

NOTE:  This does not work with bolt-action rifles.

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