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Republicans hold Missouri Caucus


It was a big day for Republicans in Missouri as counties held caucuses across the state.

It's all about finding the right delegates.

Holly Brantley sat in on Cape Girardeau County's caucus in Jackson and has more on the process.

"It is very exciting because hopefully this is the year we get to vote out Barack Obama," said Evan Trump, Cape Girardeau County Republican Central Committee Chairman.

Passionate Republicans feel it's critical to put a new man in the White House.  That's why many of the 171 registered voters in Jackson tell me they wanted to be a part of Saturday's caucus.

Most people here say this is their first caucus experience.

After formalities voters break into groups from there delegates are chosen.

Cape Girardeau County chooses 36 delegates and 36 alternates in this case 20 from the Rick Santorum group, 9 from the Ron Paul section, 4 from Mitt Romney's crowd and 3 for Newt Gingrich.

Discussions grew intense as delegates were chosen.

Remember Missouri had to go this route because a snafu involving national and state laws that led to what some call an expensive February primary that didn't count.

Still people here say they excited to be a part of the process, as we move closer to the national convention

"We've got to turn this country around and this is important because we have got to pick the right guy," said Brian Bollmann.

Today's results were not finding.

No decisions until much further down the road.

Delegates from Cape Girardeau County and others will head to congressional district conventions on April 21.

The 8th district will hold its convention in Poplar Bluff.

Roughly half of the state's 52 presidential delegates will be selected.

The other half will be selected at the state Republican convention in June.

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