Might have to grab a photo ID next time you go to vote

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Rev. Al Sharpton spoke in St. Louis Friday at an event hosted by Democratic Congresswoman William Lacy Clay.

It was aimed at raising awareness about the laws in several states requiring voters to show a state-issued form of ID.

The issue divides right down party lines.

Evan Trump, the Chairman of the Cape Girardeau County Republican Central Committee says he thinks it's a good idea for voters to bring a photo ID to prevent voter fraud.

Thomas Ross, a member of the Cape Girardeau County Democrats says he doesn't like the idea because he thinks it will keep people from voting.

"Main thing is I'm against it, because I feel it's designed, just to prevent a lot of people from voting and it will," said Ross. "They haven't proven that much fraud, in past elections, and all at once all over the country these states are trying to prevent people from voting, that's my opinion."

"Most people carry their ID with them, even people who don't drive they have some form of picture ID usually on them and for those few that don't carry it, I would just suggest that you start carrying it," said Trump. "If we have a law that say you have to show a voter ID when you go vote, then you're stopping the people that are coming trying to vote that don't belong to that precinct for example, or even are not supposed to vote in their ward or precinct and it helps stop that right at the door."

Trump says he thinks it's a form of American Pride to show your voter ID at the polling site to exercise your right to vote.

Ross says he hopes the issue gets decided before November.

The issue is expected to go before voters on the November ballot to amend the state's constitution.

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