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Kids get ahold of illegal drugs through the mail


Parents might want to watch their kids and mail for illegal substances.

In Pocahontas, Arkansas police say despite laws banning drugs like K2, kids are still finding ways to get their hands on it.

"Most of it's coming from the Internet," said Police Chief Cecil Tackett. "Some of it's coming out of state, but what we're gathering so far, a lot of it's being purchased through the mail."

They say they're seeing an increase in K2 use among five and six-year-olds. They say since the drugs are illegal in the area, people are turning to the Internet to buy the drugs, meaning they're getting mailed throughout the area.

Cape Girardeau Police Officer Darin Hickey says they have seen a couple cases of people trying to send or receive illegal substances through the mail in the area.

Hickey says they've heard of older teens in the area using the illegal substances like K2, so he says it's important for parents to keep an eye on their kids.

"Anybody can pretend to be somebody on the Internet, so they can say they're borrow mom and dad's card, or they have a credit card themselves, or they're ordering it through somebody else, or they're using somebody else's name, if they order it online, or they order it through a mail order, or somebody is ordering it for them, you know they're just trying to get their hands on it," said Hickey.

Hickey says as a parent, there's a few things you can watch out for.

"Obviously watch for a change in behavior and if you see a change in behavior ask questions, talk to your children, know what they're doing and if you have suspicious packages come to your house, obviously get a hold of us, we can make the steps and do some checking with the shipping and where it's coming from and find out is there a possibility, but obviously speak to your kids, that's the best way," said Hickey.

Hickey says they aren't necessarily seeing more or less use of K2 locally, he says people are just more aware.

Trooper Clark Parrott with the Missouri Highway Patrol says if people order substances through the mail that are illegal in Missouri, even if they're legal in 49 other states, they are still illegal once they cross state lines into Missouri. So, he says that's not a way to get around state laws.

All states in the Heartland have bans on K2.

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