Nursing center employee accused of stealing nearly $37,000 from patients

MINER, MO (KFVS) - A former employee at Miner nursing center is accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars from her patients.

Investigators say Pamela Smith was the business office manager at the facility from February 2000 until August 2010.

Court documents show Smith misappropriated nearly $37,000 from Social Security checks, Veterans Administration checks, retirement checks, cash payments, and rent credit checks.

According to investigators, a lot of the missing money can be traced as being deposited into Smith's personal checking account.

Smith faces eight different charges including stealing (Social Security checks), abuse/stealing (VA checks), abuse/stealing (retirement checks), abuse/stealing (misappropriating cash deposits), and forgery (rent credit checks).

When Smith was fired, she admitted she misappropriated funds from at least two residents and indicated she would "do what ever [she] can to make it right" and would "make arrangement to pay back everything."

She has bonded out of jail.

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