3/18/12 - Homeowner's Insurance

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The lead line in the story on KFVS12.com reads, "State insurance officials say Missourians should review their policies to be sure they have enough coverage"

It seems that the state department that oversees the insurance industry is a little worried that after a catastrophic loss, Missouri homeowners might not have enough coverage to pay for rebuilding their homes. This should be a front burner issue for all homeowners, not just Missourians, after the recent decision by FEMA to deny aid to the victims of the Leap Day Tornadoes here in the Heartland.

Let's take a second here and look at the devastation one more time. After looking at this, do you think the victims of these tornadoes are any less deserving than folks in other areas of the country who have received aid after a disaster? Me neither. It seems to me that maybe FEMA made the decision based on the amount of insured homeowners in the area, whether they were underinsured or not.

Now I'm not saying that FEMA should be irresponsible with our tax dollars. But there are people here hurting, people who need help. I'm not advocating for hand outs, just a hand up. A little bit of relief for those who are obviously down on their luck.

Officials in Missouri and Illinois are appealing the decision, while we all sit and wait to see what happens. Regardless, you've been put on notice. Prepare a list of your belongings and determine what level of coverage you need. In the event of a disaster, it may be the only assistance you have.

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