City of Morley asks to clear off decorations, people upset

MORLEY, MO (KFVS) - Some people are upset that the City of Morley is asking them to clear off gravesite decorations.

"My baby has been out here 21 years, and 21 years I have never been told I could not put something up," said Cindy Taylor.

Taylor is hearing that message now.

"I want to be able to decorate the way I see fit for a holiday for her birthday, for any occasion without being told I can't do so," said Taylor.

Taylor says the City of Morley is asking plot owners to take down any gravesite decorations that are not flowers, or artificial flowers.

"It hurts not only our feelings, but our pride, and it's disrespectful to the ones we laid to rest," said Taylor.

Mayor of Morley Larry Jackson declined to go on camera. He says the city's Board of Alderman made the decision to tell people to clean off the grave sites after receiving complaints from people in the community.

The city's ordinance reads: "The placing of cut flowers or plastic flowers over individual graves shall be permitted; however, the City shall not be responsible for the care of such flowers or the containers that they are placed in. Further, the City may remove, without motive, all flowers, real or artificial, that remain over fifteen days."

Jackson said the Board of Alderman is open to amending the ordinance once everyone cleans up the plots.

"It shouldn't bother anybody's feelings if I have a bunny rabbit out here, or if I have a 6 foot Santa clause, as long as I remove it, then it shouldn't bother them," said Taylor.

Taylor covered her baby's grave site with artificial flowers Thursday to show how important it is to her to decorate the site.

"It's the only place I have that's a remembrance of them, the only thing I have," said Taylor.

"It's really important to me because she meant so much to me," said Jeff Montgomery.

Montgomery spent a year building this memorial around his wife's grave site.

"I promised my wife I would take care of our resting place," said Montgomery.

He thinks the city should have told him during the building time, if they didn't want the added decorations.

Montgomery and Taylor want to continue to decorate the memorials for their loved ones.

"I believe I'm in right to take care of my plot, its my 10 by 10, I purchased it, I have a deed for it, so I believe its up to me to take care of it," said Montgomery.

"Let our people rest in peace, leave them alone, its their only place of rest, and we want them to rest," said Taylor.

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