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Will a horse slaughter house come to Missouri?

It's still a hot topic, will a company bring a horse slaughter house to Missouri?

The company out of Wyoming, Unified Equine, attempting to bring the slaughter house to the South-West part of the state says they're still determined, but will not go with the original location of Mountain Grove because of the controversy surrounding the issue there.

Veterinarian Linus Huck says the combination of high prices of hay and food, and the economy, is causing more and more horses to become unwanted. Without vet fees, he says it can cost over $2,000 a year to take care of a horse.

Huck says he realizes it is an emotional and controversial subject, but feels it might be better to euthanize the horses here, than to transport them to Mexico or Canada to be killed there.

"If I want to do what's right for the horse, if he's slaughtered here the state of Missouri or somewhere closer, it's a United States department of agriculture plant, the plant's inspected, the horses are killed in a humane fashion," said Huck. "The horses can only be hauled so many miles a day."

He says the tactics that are allowed in the U.S. are much more humane than those in other countries.

"In trying to be nice to the horses by doing away with some of these slaughter houses in the country, we've actually done the horse and grave disservice, for having him be bale to haul so far under terrible conditions and being slaughtered under uninspected circumstances," said Huck.

"If they had an alternative I think everybody would listen to it," said Charlotte Craig, with the Cape Girardeau County Health Department. "As much as I have the property I could probably put a fence up, but I can't afford every horse that doesn't have a home."

Craig says she's neither for nor against the idea, but hopes people can work towards an alternative plan. One of the only alternatives as of now is to rescue and horse and nurse him/her back to health.

"I would encourage people who are strongly against it to temper their feelings, I encourage people who are for it to help find a way to make it more humane," said Craig.

Some people in the South-West Missouri community say a horse slaughter house will bring additional crime to the area.

Huck says sometimes people will buy a horse for cheap, knowing it will sell at a high price to be slaughtered.

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