FEMA denial in Illinois under appeal

The Harrisburg community just got another blow from the February 29 tornado.

On Sunday FEMA denied Governor Pat Quinn's request for federal assistance.

"The denial is for individuals and business," said Saline County E-911 PIO Lt. Tracy Felty. "What that means is people that don't have insurance on their homes. I would say they found a lot of people had some sort of insurance to offset their damages."

That may be true for many people in the Garden Heights neighborhood, and many who lived in the Gaskins City neighborhood.

But there are many families in the Dorrisville neighborhood who are now homeless. And now they have no way to rebuild.

"I don't think it's right," said Ida White. They say they're not going to help us because we didn't reach the non-insurance qualification. But there's a lot of people we don't have the money to get the insurance. So I do think we deserve the help down here."

But, for now FEMA assessment teams say they found more people with insurance, then those without.

Some people in the Dorrisville neighborhood say they never say the FEMA teams.

"They never came through here, I never seen them," said Willis Williams.

"I think it's a crying shame. As bad as the tornado tore through this community," said John Patterson. " It's a crying shame that they ain't coming in here and helping us poor people."

Meanwhile city and county leaders are still waiting to hear if their request for disaster relief will be granted.

"The next big thing is public assistance. Which is what refunds the cities and county," said Lt. Felty. "I believe the City of Harrisburg is nearing a million dollars in disaster response. And the counties cost isn't quiet that much, but close."

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, along with Senator's Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk have filed appeals with the Department of Homeland Security.

And Illinois Congressman Jerry Costello has requested a full description from FEMA for why they denied their help.

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