Daughters speak out for the first time about their mother's disappearance

Sonya Bradley
Sonya Bradley
Ashley Noe and her sister, Heather Fleener
Ashley Noe and her sister, Heather Fleener
William David West
William David West

EDDYVILLE, KY (KFVS) - She disappeared from Eddyville nearly ten years ago, now Sonya Bradley's daughters are speaking out for the very first time.

"She knew too much," said Ashley Noe, Bradley's youngest daughter. "That's the whole reason she's not here."

Ashley Noe and her sister, Heather Fleener, share new insight as we learn about changes in the new criminal case against their mother's then boyfriend.

"We were really upset," said Noe.

"A week ago we were excited," said Fleener.

When the family heard their mother's old boyfriend, William David West, was charged with murder they had new hope. They believed he could lead authorities to Bradley. However, Wednesday all that changed. Charges were amended to tampering with evidence, and West's bond lowered.

Yet, a big break could be just days away, as the family says they're now getting some of the best leads they've had in a decade. Bradley's daughters say they are finally starting to put the pieces together that lead up to their mom's disappearance.

"I see it now," said Heather. "Details I didn't see before. Things that now make sense to me. Rooms we weren't allowed into, conversations we heard."

When Bradley vanished in October of 2002, Ashley was just 15 years old, and Heather 17 years old. Now in their twenties, they say their heartache turned to hope last week then they learned West sat behind bars charged with a Mayfield man's murder. They thought maybe West would finally start talking. The sisters believe West knows what happened to their mother.

"It means everything," said Ashley.

Ashley recalls the last time she saw her mother. It was October 9th, the day before Bradley vanished. She walked in on an argument between her mother and West.

"He was slamming cabinets and I heard a little of their conversation," said Ashley.

Ashley says she confronted her mother, and told her to leave West.

"We said some things we should not have said," said Ashley. "The next morning I didn't even go in hear room before I left home."

The next morning, Heather says she left for the day. She came back to find her little sister had been in a bad car wreck. West was the one to tell her.

"We no more than get in the door and Dave's calling my boyfriend's cell phone saying my sister had a wreck and we needed to do something about my mom," said Heather.

Heather says she still doesn't know what West meant by his comment about her mother. They say their hopes shattered when news broke West's recent murder charge had been amended to tamping with evidence. They fear he'll walk this time, and take with him any information about their missing mother. They also believe someone they call a 'higher power' is protecting West.

"They just had to look, it was there," said Heather. "They didn't look because of higher powers. That's what I believe. It's their fault my momma's not here."

What's more they feel their mother was murdered, a killing they say is just the tip of a much bigger crime ring with ties beyond the Heartland.

"There's a lot more people involved here, more than David, more than a higher power, it's a whole group," said Ashley.

Still it was a big break that brought them home. A break they feel is the best shot they've had so far at finding their mother.

"I hope we bring her home," said Heather.

Cold case investigators say they are doing everything they can do to bring this family closure. They are not releasing details about any leads at this time.

As for West, his criminal case will go before a grand jury. That could happen as early as next week. He remains in jail on $10,000 cash bond.

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