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Large wildfire burns overnight in Wayne County

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Firefighters in Wayne County, Missouri have been busy overnight trying to contain a wildfire.

A large forest fire is burning near Highway D between Wappapello and Greenville. Locals refer the area as Shook.

Multiple fire departments from all over Wayne County have been assisting overnight along with forestry officials with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

According to a local man who said he had been helping to fight the fire, it is under control but still burning.

According to a county dispatcher, hundreds of acres are already burned. The fire involves a 2,200 acre clear cut section of forest. The dispatcher said this fire was noticed around 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.

Heartland News viewer Travis Dillon sent in some pictures to cNews of the fire from Tuesday night. Dillon lives in Puxico which is about 10 to 12 miles away from fire.

Dillon said he saw smoke billowing in the air during the afternoon and an orange glow at night. He said he also saw 25 to 30 fire trucks and conservation department bull dozers near the fire scene.

When Heartland News reports Tyler Profilet arrived on the scene around 5 a.m., flames were visible as far as he could see and heavy smoke covered some of the roads.

At daylight, it was evident the fire was under control.

A man who lived close to the fire says fire crews set a control burn around the original fire to keep it from spreading to any homes.

Multiple fire departments and the Department of Conservation kept eye on the fire overnight, especially with the high winds.

A red flag warning was issued Tuesday before the fire started. There is no red flag warning Wednesday, although there are still high winds. If you must burn something, you're asked to use extreme caution.

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