Deer committee makes recommendation

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The committee decided in favor of an urban deer hunt in Cape Girardeau 4-1.

Dru Reeves, a deer committee member says they will recommend the urban deer hunt only allow bow hunters.

Now the committee will make a presentation to the city council, and the council will decide what the next steps are.

Reeves says they will make recommendations during the presentation, like more signage in the city to warn drivers of deer crossing, and to pass a no feed wildlife ordinance to prevent people from feeding the deer.

Some other possible suggestions are only allowing hunters to harvest doe deer, and to require all deer to be donated to the Share the Harvest Program.

Reeves says he's glad to reach this point, where the city can move forward, however they choose.

"I'm actually quite happy to have a decision now, looking forward to wrapping this up, and letting the city council make a decision on what they think is going to be the best way to handle it," said Reeves.

Cape Girardeau City Council Member Kathy Swan agrees.

"We're glad that this part of this work, of the committee's work, and recommendation will be finalized," said Swan.

He says he never imagined how heated of a topic this would be.

"I did not have any idea that it would ever become this controversial. I thought it would be something that was cut and dry, 4 or 5 meetings, we'd make a recommendation, and that would be it, never had any idea that we have this much of an opposition, and actually having a whole group of people that were for urban deer hunting also," said Reeves.

The member who voted against the hunt will also make a presentation to the council. He says he still wants to see more facts and figures specific to Cape Girardeau before he would be in favor of an urban hunt in Cape Girardeau.

But other members say a population survey costs thousands of dollars, and is too expensive if they already feel there is a problem.

As of now, the committee will make their presentations to the city council, the next time the council meets. It is unknown yet if that will be during the study session or council meeting.

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