Harrisburg Medical Center gets the green light from state

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - On Tuesday the Harrisburg Medical Center got some very good news from the State of Illinois.

That's when they received word that the hospital had passed the state's inspection.

"We had every intention of taking in patients on Monday morning," said Vince Ashley CEO/Administrator at HMC. "But we got a call from the Illinois Department of Public Health on Monday, telling us we couldn't until they inspected our building. I wasn't very happy."

So the staff just kept working away making sure that everything at the hospital would be ready for them to take on patients once they passed the inspection.

"We weren't able to get an inspector from the Illinois Department of Public Health down here until Tuesday," Ashley said. "They have been here, they have been through the building. And they've filled out their documentation. They've submitted it to the state. And we're just waiting for that phone call that says we're ready to go."

Ashley and his staff didn't have to wait long. Shortly after 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday the phone in Ashley's office rang.

"We have just been cleared by the state. And we're going to start taking in patients immediately," said Ashley.

But, there won't be as many beds available for patients at the hospital, as there were before the storm hit last week.

"We've got 14 of our 28 patients rooms damaged by the storm. And it's going to take at least eight to ten months to get them repaired. And then they'll have to be inspected before we can start placing any patients in them."

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