Volunteers feed the hungry in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - There are hundreds of people who are homeless in Harrisburg after the tornado tore through town last Wednesday.

Many of them are relying on the kitchen at the First United Methodist Church for their every meal. The preparations are ongoing morning, noon and night by dozens of volunteers.

"We all call Harrisburg home. And it's important to take care of each other," said Mary Reed at First United Methodist Church.

Reed is in charge of keeping things cooking in the Wesley Center.

"We're not only taking care of each other. We're trying to feed all the volunteers and emergency personnel who are in here helping Harrisburg recover. And we are providing meals for the Salvation Army and American Red Cross, as they distribute them out into the field. So far we've fed more then 12,000 meals out of our kitchen and center since the tornado."

On Monday the center picked up another two hundred people to feed, who had previously relied on the Golden Circle Senior Citizens Center for their meals.

"Their building was completely destroyed. So we are providing meals for them to come in and sit down, they'll be fed here just like they would at their center," said Reed. "And then we're also taking care of the one hundred shut-ins meals being delivered to them."

But, starting next week on Monday the seniors who relied on Golden Circle for their meals will be able to go to Dorrisville Baptist Church for all of their meals until further notice.

"We are so happy that the church has given us our own kitchen to work out of to feed our seniors," said Darlene Goolsby. "We are planning on rebuilding the center as soon as we can, but for now the Dorrisville Baptist Church will be the place for our seniors to come and enjoy their meals."

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