Dog dilemma continues in Chaffee

Doyle Wilson wonders what could have happened to his girlfriend's dog, Cindy.
Doyle Wilson wonders what could have happened to his girlfriend's dog, Cindy.

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - It's a dog dilemma turned city shake-up in Chaffee. We've learned the police chief, Jim Chambers is out. Although, officials remain tight lipped about the details behind his departure.

It all started in late February when the Elfrink family dog, Lexi disappeared.

After some checking, the family got a phone call saying Lexi had been shot by a city worker, and disposed of in a city compost site. That led to an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff's Office, and the possibility that state euthanization laws had not been followed.

Now other pet owners worry their missing animals met a similar fate.

"If you have your pet picked up and killed and buried and hidden that's larger issue," said Doyle Wilson. "If officials will cover that up, what else will they cover up?"

Wilson says all kinds of thoughts now run though his mind about what could have happened to his girlfriend's dog, Cindy.

"Something's not adding up," said Wilson.

He says when he heard the Elfrink's dog had been allegedly killed and buried at the city compost pile, combined with allegations of a city cover up, he wondered if Cindy could have been shot and buried there too.

"I just don't like secrets kept from the public. I have been told she's not there, but I feel like something's not right," said Wilson.

Cindy ran off just before Christmas.

"She can't stay in the yard especially if they are cooking chicken at the Food Giant," said Wilson.

Wilson says that's where he looked for her first.

"I actually went there and questioned the manager and workers who had called the police," said Wilson. "They said the officers came and got her because she had been in the store."

According to Wilson, store managers say police picked up Cindy. Yet, he says when he questioned police, they have no record of the call.

"They aren't saying much about it," said Wilson. "We just want to know what happened to our dog."

With Chief Jim Chambers out, we went to talk to Interim Chief Dustin Jarrell. Jarrell says he checked at Wilson's request, and he can't find the incident involving Wilson's dog on police logs.

As for the quick change of leadership, he says he was not told much.

"I was not given any knowledge," said Jarrell. "The night after the city council meeting the administrator informed me I am acting chief until another is hired."

No matter what, Jarrell says he does know the citizens of Chaffee remain protected.

"We are here for whatever they need," said Jarrell. "That's my priority."

"As for the investigation into what happened to Lexi, Sheriff Rick Walter says it's important to find out if laws were broken, and restore the faith of the public.

"We believe city officials were involved," said Sheriff Walter. "We've wrapped things up on our end and turned it over to prosecutors. As I told the Elfrinks, we will see where the investigation takes us. The lady put her faith in law enforcement and she feels the law let her down."

According to Paul Boyd's office, the investigation has been turned over to a special prosecutor.

Monday, Mayor Steve Loucks had no comment.

We're told there's another regular council meeting Monday evening, and more changes are possible.

As for Wilson, he still wants to know what happened to Cindy.

If you have information contact Wilson at: 573-887-3060.

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