Man arrested for attempted bank robbery in Carbondale

Darrell L. Hendricks Jr. (Source: Carbondale Police Dept.)
Darrell L. Hendricks Jr. (Source: Carbondale Police Dept.)

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Carbondale Police arrested a man accused of trying to rob a bank Monday. Police responded to a bank robbery report at 12:59 p.m.

Darrell L. Hendricks Jr., 30, of Carbondale is accused of trying to rob the Bank of Carbondale at 216 East Main.

Police say Hendricks Jr. was still inside the bank with a knife when they arrived.

No one was injured.

Hendricks Jr. is charged with armed robbery, unlawful use of weapons by a felon and incarcerated at the Jackson County Jail.

Kendra Ritz works at a nearby business and described the scene Monday.

"This afternoon I was working, and all of a sudden there were four cop cars that came rushing into the parking lot, it's a pretty small space, so it made a lot of commotion," said Ritz. "We saw them leave the cars on and rush across to the bank, I saw 20, 25 cops surrounding the area, and a lady stepped outside of the bank waving her arms for people to come in, for the cops to come in, and after that, that's all I really saw. They blocked off the bank for a while, and they were out there for about an hour doing research, looking around the area."

She says even though the incident happened so close to where she works, people in the shop, still think of it as a safe area.

"Especially with how quick of a response to the call or whatever they responded to, so not too bad, but it's a busy area, so you kind of expect things to happen, but it was taken care of and handled good so it doesn't make me nervous," said Ritz.

Police say it is an ongoing investigation. Contact Carbondale Police if you have any information.

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