Hundreds attend religious service for community

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - More than eight hundred people from across the Harrisburg area attended a religious service for the community on Sunday night.

The Harrisburg Ministerial Alliance held the service in the Davenport Gymnasium at the Harrisburg High School.

"We're coming together to pray for those families who have lost loved ones. But it's much larger then that," said Pastor David Higgs of Dorrisville Baptist Church. " All of us need much greater then the physical, it's spiritual and eternal. And we're pointing towards that in Jesus."

There were songs of praise throughout the service. And a video memorial to the six people who lost their lives in tornado on Wednesday morning.

"We're just grateful that God has spared the lives he spared in this community," said Jim Tolbert of Eldorado. " We want to reach out to those who have been hurt, who have lost their homes. And whose lives have been changed forever. We want to let them know God is still in control, and God loves them."

Throughout the service their was a promise to stand together and to rebuild their community. As everyone held hands to pray for guidance and thanks as they move forward.

"I think that the unity that is being shown in the community right now is so important," said Stacey Rister of Harrisburg. " And it's such a blessing that I hope it continues after the rubble is cleaned up. It's a complete blessing to see the churches coming together. And to see neighbors helping neighbors."

One of the final parts of the service was an offering and prayer as buckets were passed throughout those gathered for the service. All of the proceeds will be administered by the Harrisburg Ministerial Alliance and put back into the community for the rebuilding of Harrisburg.

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