Butler County's new emergency text alert system

BUTLER COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Since everybody's always got their cell phone close by, Sheriff's Departments like Butler County and others want you to be signed up for an alert system that comes straight to your phone.

Butler County is the most recent to get on board with the system.  Sheriff Mark Dobbs says while this text alert system covers things like missing persons and other bulletins, foremost it is there to alert you of severe weather.

You can just go to the sheriff's department website and click on emergency alert network.  From there signing up is easy.

Tonight on Heartland News, Sheriff Dobbs explains why he feels this alert system is so important.

In the Heartland,  lots of departments are a part of the network.  Sheriff Walters in Scott County tells Heartland News it's a valuable tool for his residents.

Many other communities are also connected including Perry County Sheriff's Department and the Charleston Department of Public Safety.

Again, those are just a few involved.

Look for Holly Brantley's story tonight on Heartland News.

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