Shawnee Hills Wine Trail to host "Vintage Arts Month"

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS (KVFS) - March is Vintage Arts Month in Southern Illinois. Here is a partial list of what you can expect:

Twelve wineries along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail are showcasing the works of local artists throughout the month of March.

Von Jakob Vineyard - Dr. Gene Jakobs (Southern Illinois Landscape Photography)

Hickory Ridge Vineyard - Nicole Roundtree-Mileur (Jewelry / Wine Charms)

Blue Sky Vineyard - Sandra Herrin (Stained Glass) & Tienne Kollars (Oil Paintings)

StarView Vineyard - Juhree Veach (Photography / 3D Wall Hangings) & Janet Altoff (Hanging Mosaics)

Alto Vineyard - Jan York (Acrylic on Canvas)

Pomona Winery - Roberta Elliott a.k.a. The Velvet Hammer (Iron Work)

Hedman Winery - Jeff Engbring (Metal & Wood)

Rustle Hill Winery - Taylor Reed (Landscape Photography)

Owl Creek Vineyard - Barbara Boysen (Watercolors)

Kite Hill Vineyard - Scott Albert (Photography)

For more information on Vintage Arts Month or the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, click here.

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