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Friday's storms hit McCracken County


McCracken County Emergency Management Director Paul Carter says the county dodged a bullet since it only saw minimal damage.

One woman saw parts of the metal roof to her barn blow off and into her front yard. She says she's glad she wasn't outside, and it didn't hurt any of her horses.

Another spot, a church behind the airport in Paducah saw some damage. The strong winds blew off shingles, broke part of a door, and ripped siding.

Other minor damage included broken windows, fallen tree limbs, and power outages.

Carter says they're glad they didn't see more damage.

"Especially after the tornado that came through Wednesday morning, we feel very fortunate that we didn't have that kind of damage today," said Carter. "You never know what spring is going to bring, last year we had the record flooding, and we were in operation 24/7 for almost 30 days, that was a tough spring, and now this spring we've already started out with a tornado, so who knows what mother nature will strike with next."

Carter says because of Wednesday's storm, they were on high alert Friday.

He also says there's a few things the public can do to help them do their job during severe weather.

"For them to report damage to us, but also it really helps for them to be prepared, for them to be able to take care of themselves and their neighbor, because sometimes emergency workers are stretched when a major disaster hits and so if they get that weather radio, and have a plan, and have a kit, that would certainly help us," said Carter. "Of course we try to warn folks with our sirens but at night sometimes people are sleeping soundly and they don't hear them, so it's very important to have a weather radio, and have it programmed."

Carter says they don't set off the sirens unless someone actually spots a funnel cloud. He says that helps prevent people from becoming complacent, and not taking cover when they do hear the noise.

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