Storm damage throughout Bollinger County

BOLLINGER COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Several homeowners in parts of Bollinger County, and also Madison County took advantage of Thursday's nice weather to get out and clean up the mess the storm left behind.

Ken Lincoln's property right outside of Millersville in Bollinger County took quite a hit. His red barn is destroyed. He says it's been in the family for a long time. Amazingly though, his home was spared even with trees uprooted and splintered all around him.

His neighbor lost a pretty good sized shed too.

Ken Lincoln talks about the storm rolling through Wednesday morning, and his surprise when he finally saw the devastation.

"It was dark, and I didn't think it was anywhere near this bad," said Lincoln. "It got to be daylight then I just got scared. Thanks to all my fine neighbors and kin, we're getting it put back together as we start to clean up this God awful mess."

According to Emergency Management Director Jim Bollinger, tornadoes have followed pretty much the same path over the past couple of years.

Several people showed up Thursday to Mary Eskew's property south of Sedgewickville.

There is plenty to clean up after the storm blew over huge trees, a small shed, and destroyed a large barn.

Mary and her family escaped the storm, and the house sustained only minor damage which she considers a huge blessing given the damage all around her.

"It's just bad, " said Mary Eskew. "We're all ok though, that's the main thing."

A shed was blown over and is now upside down in the Mayfield area of Bollinger County off of J-J Highway.

The property owners weren't home, but a neighbor says the owners had just rebuilt the shed after a tornado or straight line winds destroyed it another time.

People there are saying enough is enough, as they hope this is the last of the severe weather in their area for a long time.

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