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Storm hits Stoddard County

High winds blew a boat into a tree. High winds blew a boat into a tree.

You can drive for miles in Stoddard County and never see damage, but a path left from the strong winds that did blow through, show the wreckage.

One family's home was completely destroyed. The 4-year-old son was in his bedroom in the corner of the house, when he heard a "loud noise," and went to wake up his family. The family stayed in the bathroom in the middle of the home until the storm passed. Everyone is ok, including the 12-day-old baby. The dad held the door shut despite the strong winds, but it did suck the vents out of the bathroom.

The family is missing one of their dogs, an Australian Shepherd. The storm picked up three horses from the area, and threw them down in the family's front yard, killing them.

Another family walked out of their home to find their fishing boat in a tree. Everyone in the house is ok, but the storm knocked over hundred year old trees. Loren Wilson and his wife were inside, and says they clung to each other for safety. They had just finished their new roof before the storm ripped it off.

And a neighbor, Tim Rhodes, says the storm ripped the roof off of his barn. He says the winds were so strong he could feel his house "breathe." He says it wasn't much rain, just strong winds, and lightning.

In a nearby field, the winds took a grain bin off of its foundation, and destroyed pivots.

If looking for help in Stoddard County, the Kinder Chapel General Baptist Church is providing shelter for those that need it. Aaron Lingle says it can house 20-30 people. He says anyone can take shelter, and get food or water. He says people in the area are close knit and help each other out.

New Beginnings Realty in Carbondale is collecting supplies for people in Harrisburg. They are collecting household supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, blankets, and food. You can drop donations off at 828 E. Main St. Carbondale, Ill. or call 618-529-4663.

Legacy Bank in El Dorado has set up a fund for those in Saline County, if you want to donate.

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