Benton family says they were taken for a ride

BENTON, IL (KFVS) - A Benton family says a Craigslist add for a car on sale took them for a ride.

Pamela White and her family are currently driving a 2000 Chrysler Minivan with more than 237,000 miles on it.

So she went looking on the internet on February 9 for a more dependable car. White says she found one on Craigslist.

"I found a 2005 Nissan Altima for $1915.00 and I thought wow I can't beat that deal. So I clicked on the ad and read about the car. And emailed the girl who was selling it," said White. "The car was supposed to be in Indianapolis, Indiana and it had a clear title. The girl sent me an email and told me to send a woman in Ohio the money via Western Union."

So White did as she was instructed.

"But I got charged from Western Union over a hundred dollars to send the money. So it cost me literally $2,100.00 to do this for nothing. I have no car, no money and here I sit," said White.

She had just lost all of her income tax refund and decided to do something about it.

"I contacted the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and the Illinois State Attorney General's Office and filed a report with them about what had happened."

Then White had her friend in Sparta contact the seller of the same car, with the same vin number posted again on Craigslist.

"The car is supposed to be in Indianapolis, Indiana. The lady I sent the money to is in Ohio. And my friend got back a response from a different girl at the same address in Indianapolis, that I had contacted three weeks ago. And this time they want my friend to send the money to a woman in Tennessee," said White.

Her friend didn't fall for the deal like White did.

"Check into things and make sure you have all of your I's dotted and T's crossed before you do it. I didn't and now I have spent all my income tax money on a car that I don't even know if it exists."

The same car White tried to buy, with the same vin number at the same address in Indianapolis, but with a new name of a girl selling it, is listed again as of Tuesday night on Craigslist.

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