Could recent murder arrest answer cold case questions?

Sonya Bradley
Sonya Bradley

(KFVS) - "I wonder if they'll finally do something," said Beverly Miller.

The Eddyville mother wonders if some good might come out of a recent murder. Police say this weekend 39-year-old Joe Gaskill from Mayfield was shot and killed.

William 'David' West appeared in court Tuesday, facing murder charges. He is in the Calloway County Jail on $500,000 bond. Right now authorities won't comment on a possible motive.

"I know he knows what happened to her," said Miller.

Miller is talking about the 2002 disappearance of her daughter, Sonya Bradley. Bradley is West's former girlfriend. Nearly a decade ago, Kentucky State Police called West a person of interest in the case, but he was never charged.

Miller says this recent arrest gives her new hope. She hopes authorities will put pressure on West for information.

"There's just a couple of missing pieces of this puzzle," said Miller.

Miller says she believes her daughter is dead, and she believes West knows where to find her daughter's body.

"I hope they will make a deal with him for information," said Miller. "My heart goes out to this victim's family."

Miller says she vividly remembers the day Sonya disappeared. She says Sonya never showed up at the hospital after her child got into an accident.

"She loved her kids," said Miller. "She would have been there."

Miller says they made phone calls, but couldn't find her. So, she says she went to Sonya's apartment and questioned neighbors.

Eventually she says she went to see West. She says she cursed her, and wouldn't let her inside his place.

"In the beginning he wasn't like that," said Miller. "Something had changed."

Extensive searches for Bradley followed, and turned up nothing.

Today investigators tell me there are no suspects in Sonya Bradley's disappearance. But they say the case does come up for review every so often, and if West's name is in the mix, they won't hesitate to question him.

Meanwhile, Miller says she prays if some good can come out of this latest tragedy, that it would be information to bring her daughter home.

"I'm just hoping somebody will accidentally say something that means nothing to them and everything to me," said Miller. "I believe she knew too much about something."

Investigators won't comment on their conversations with West. Before the murder charges, he was most recently behind bars for trafficking a controlled substance.

He was also connected to a rape investigation. He is due in court again in March.

Meanwhile, we are working to get new information from Cold Case Investigators working Bradley's case. Miller says she still get occasional phone calls and private messages from people who say they have information about Bradley's disappearance.

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