Does it Work Wednesday: DeWalt12-volt Max Lithium Ion Driver Drill

(KFVS) - "There are some jobs you just need a 12-volt for," said expert Johnny Slayden who owns a construction company bearing his name and works alongside Kaminsky Development.

Slayden knows power tools and predicts this new drill driver by DeWalt could be the one he's been looking for.

"It's got its place. It's light. You can carry it around--use it for hanging lights."

He's right. The entire 12-volt MAX Lithium drill weighs only two pounds. Compare that to the eight-pound 18-volt, and it's a no-brainer which one we'd like to use more for odd jobs. First, Does it Work?

Johnny drills on a high-setting through some treated timber. He whizzes on down the line, inserting screws. No trouble in untreated wood either. Easy for him; how about inexperienced me?

After some instruction on how to hold it, I get the hang of it. However, I actually like the bigger drill better because it's heavier weight means I can balance it and not worry so much about getting a splinter in my finger.

Still, people who drill more than me will want the 12-volt for most jobs.

"You get tired all day long lugging the big stuff around," said Slayden.

Johnny says his crews swear by DeWalt, saying their battery power outlasts most.

"We've used every kind out there. You're going thru concrete, heavy stuff, it'll last. Other stuff will burn up."

He's a fan of the skinnier design on this and three added LED lights he says would make working in dark attics a lot easier, for example.

"I give it an A---an A+ if possible."

It's possible when the product seems to be durable, reliable, and available at most stores.

Let's drill home an A+ for DeWalt's new 12-volt MAX Lithium Ion Driver Drill on this Does it Work test.

You can buy this at most places; we got ours from Bucheits.

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