Deer management committee to meet Tuesday

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau citizens can weigh in on a possible urban deer hunt at the Deer Management Committee forum Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Osage Centre.

At the last committee meeting, the city reported more than 100 deer related incidents over the past year.

The idea is to keep the city's deer population at a minimum, but opponents say an urban deer hunt is neither safe nor humane.

A central argument in the issue is how many deer are in Cape Girardeau's city limits.  It is not known how many deer are in the city limits.  The best time to take a survey is between late October and early November, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

"They made a request yet of us to be able to do a survey, but if they ask we're prepared to do that for them, work with them to do that," said Ken West with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The Deer Management Committee is appointed by the city to investigate if an urban deer hunt is necessary.

If approved, trained bow hunters could kill deer within city limits under certain conditions.

It's not clear when the city will vote on the possible urban deer hunt.

A group called Cape Friends of Wildlife plans to speak out against the proposal.

The group says there isn't a deer problem in the city limits.

That said, the group still feels the committee will recommend an urban deer hunt anyway.

Group spokesman Stephen Stigers says he hopes the committee will look at other ways to curb the deer population and keep the public safe before they turn to hunting.

"There are many less extreme alternatives including better signage, deer crossing signs, fencing, deterrents, safer speed limits, clearing brush away from roadways," Stigers said.  "We haven't really tried any of those."

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