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Dress code not required to watch The Breakfast Show

Good Morning
Today is Tuesday, February 28

I hope you have been able to enjoy the sun and nice weather over the last few days, because today we could be in for a change. This morning Brian and Laura are telling me about some rain moving our way. Watch The Breakfast Show this morning for their latest forecast.

This morning Tyler will be live at the local conservation department talking about the proposal to allow deer hunting within the Cape Girardeau city limits. Tonight there is another meeting on the heated topic. We're working to get more information from conservation about the need, or lack of need, for a controlled hunt within the city.

On The Breakfast Show we also have new information about the new Cape Girardeau public school dress code that was passed by the board late last night. On our web site we have a complete list of what is and what is not acceptable under the new rules.

On today's Breakfast Show we are also working to bring you the latest information from yesterday's school shooting in northern Ohio.

We'll also show you the results from last night's Daytona 500 and show you some amazing video when one of the racers crashed into the back of a jet dryer truck filled with jet fuel!

This morning you will also see why some small dairy workers say their raw milk is better than the big store milk.

We'll also tell you about a proposed horse slaughter plant. This has being talked about ever since Missouri lawmakers voted to allow the slaughter of horses for human consumption. You can watch this story around 5:30 this morning.

Jim and Lauren also have a very interesting story where police used an underage person to ask people at a gas station to buy beer. It was all caught on tape when some said no and some said yes.

And moms - try to be watching The Breakfast Show around 6:15 this morning. That's when we'll show you an innovative new web site created to help you! It involves trading what you don't need any more for what you do need. If you want a preview you can go to our home page where I have provided a link.

Thanks for getting up early with The Breakfast Show crew! I hope you have a great Tuesday.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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