Cape Girardeau school board passes amended dress code

A packed house of parents and students were at the open school board meeting Monday.
A packed house of parents and students were at the open school board meeting Monday.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - After hours of discussion and debate, the Cape Girardeau school board passed the amended uniform code by a 5 to 2 vote. The new rules will be enforced starting at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year.

Members of the board went line by line to discuss each item in the proposed dress code from the Dress Code Committee.

There were some big changes during that time. Board members voted to allow students to wear jeans, but there are restrictions on them.  The jeans can't be too tight or too baggy.

In addition to allowing students to wear any colored shirt with a collar they can also wear spirit wear, which is school oriented T-shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies.

Hoodies were on the chopping block but they managed to squeak by the board at Monday night's meeting.

Another big item, shirts can have logos on them, but they must be smaller than an inch and a half.   Logos were something school board members weren't sure they wanted to allow but in the end they allowed shirts with small logos.

Students can also wear turtlenecks, and a solid color dress with sleeves, a collar, and a high crew neck.

Some parents like Jen Redinger say they're happy about the amendments to the proposal.

"I'm happy they passed what they did, I'm glad they incorporated the spirit wear, and jeans, there are a lot of kids that can't afford the khakis, since they've already got the jeans that they have, and they can still wear them, and the spirit wear is great, because how many PTO, football, basketball, baseball, I mean all the sports that we buy clothes for, we can still use those and they can be handed down to the younger siblings, I think it's great," said Redinger.

But, other people, like Carla Fee, the Chair of the Dress Code Committee, say they aren't thrilled.

"The committee was hoping for a more uniform policy, cause we were looking more at changing the environment, but this is better than what we have now, and so we will work with this, and start educating our students and parents about the changes for next year, and we'll just go from there," said Fee.

Redinger says the amendments will help keep down the costs for students and parents by being able to wear spirit wear.

"I'm glad that they did that, cause there's a lot of kids that that's all they wear is the spirit wear clothes, if they want to wear the collared shirts, the polo shirts, that's great too but it all goes hand in hand, they don't have to go buy extra clothes, they can still wear the clothes that they have," said Redinger.

But, with changes like allowing spirit wear, and jeans, not everyone agrees it's positive.

"I think from the committee and the educators standpoint, it's a little bit too lax, but I'm sure parents are probably happier with this, and will be more cost effective since they don't have to go out and buy a lot of new clothes, so from that standpoint, I think it's workable, and we'll work with it," said Fee.

"They still have to abide by the rules, the kids that don't they will be punished, I mean it's just part of it, if your kid doesn't follow it, they will be punished, those are the rules, same thing as if they disrupt the classroom," said Redinger. "They get punished in the classroom, they can still be punished for not wearing their proper clothing."

The following are the guidelines the school board discussed and amended.

General Information:

  • Clothing shall be clean, in good repair, and shall have no holes, cuts or tears.
  • All clothing should be within one size of proper fit.


  • Shirts shall be collared and in a any solid color, designed to button at the neck, in short or long sleeve with no more than the top button remaining unfastened. Turtleneck shirts in a any solid color are permitted. School oriented and approved T-shirts, non-hooded sweatshirts, and hoodies are also permitted.
  • District approved CGPS logos or graphics are allowed. Brand name clothing logos are permitted if the logo is an inch and a half or smaller.
  • Shirts must be proper length and fit, tucked into pants if excessive in length or non-tailored. Excessive in length is defined as being longer than the wrist when the student's hands are down at his/her sides. Shirt tops and pant bottoms must overlap at all times, including when arms are raised.
  • White tops must have either a white undershirt or white or flesh colored undergarments.
  • Solid colored T-shirt or turtleneck may be worn under collared shirts.
  • Solid colored vests, sweaters, v-neck sweaters, sweatshirts, and pullovers are permitted and must have an approved shirt underneath.
  • Excessively large, baggy or skin-tight tops are prohibited.
  • Solid colored dresses are permitted and must have sleeves and a collar or high crew neck.


  • Solid colored pants, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts, and jumpers are permitted. Colors will be limited to khaki (tan spectrum), black, and navy. Blue jeans are also permitted.
  • Low-rise, hip-hugger, tight-fitting, sagging, stretchy, shiny, leather, or leather-like material, sweat pants, wind pants, cargo, carpenter, baggy, and over-length styles are not permitted.
  • All bottoms must fit to waist and be hemmed.
  • Shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers and skorts must be no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee.


  • Belts are required and worn at the waist at the middle school and secondary levels.
  • Shoestrings and shoe straps must be attached and worn properly.
  • No flip-flops, slides, house shoes, high heels, skates or platform shoes.
  • Hats, caps, sock hats, curlers, sweatbands, stockings, bandanas, head scarves, visors, sunglasses or other similar head coverings shall not be worn to class or within the school building. Hoods on clothing may not be worn over the head in the building.
  • No spiked accessories or chains (including those attached to wallets or belt loops) are permitted.
  • Solid colored tights, leggings, or jeggings may only be worn under skirts, dresses, skorts or jumpers.

Spirit Wear:

  • Building administration may designate days as Spirit Days and allow some specific exceptions to the above-stated requirements on those days. However, guidelines regarding neatness, safety, modesty and modes of apparel will be adhered to on these days.
  • Athletes, cheerleaders, co-curricular teams and extra-curricular groups may wear approved team-issued clothing on game or event day.

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