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Good Morning
Today is Monday, February 27

If you liked the weather this past weekend you should be in for a treat today. While it might be a little cooler, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the sun. Watch The Breakfast Show this morning to see what Brian and Laura are forecasting to start the work week.

This morning Tyler is looking ahead to a big vote tonight. That's when the Cape Girardeau school board is expected to make a decision on a dress code for the public schools in town.

Here's something new I have not come across yet, a synthetic drug known as K3. You might know about K2 and state's efforts to ban the synthetic marijuana. Well now the makers of this "incense" have changed the formula to get around the law and now K3 is hitting the streets. Jim and Lauren will tell you and show you what to look for.

This morning we are also working to update some big local stories:

Close to the Heartland in Jackson, Tennessee police are trying to figure out what led up to a night club shooting where 1 person was killed and many others were shot and injured.

This morning we are also finding out more about why Nelson Mandela was in the hospital over the weekend. Look for this update around 5 this morning.

We will also bring you a complete wrap-up of the Oscars from last night - see who won and who lost in the award ceremony and on the red carpet.

And if you can, watch around 5:40 this morning. That's when we will show you a revolutionary body suit that mimics the affects of old age. You'll see just how hard it is for some elderly to do simple things like sit down or dial a phone. I just watched this story - it's quite revealing.

I do hope you can join Jim, Lauren, Brian, Laura and Tyler this morning - we have a lot planned for The Breakfast Show and appreciate your checking in with us every morning.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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