Students anxious to learn results of dress code vote

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Will the dress code proposal pass for Cape Girardeau Public Schools?

We'll know by Monday evening and students say they are anxious to find out.

We armed student Brandon Wells with a camera to find out what they have to say among their peers.

They also shared some thoughts with Holly Brantley, hoping the school board is listening in.

Green pants and a care free attitude - When it comes to being fully dressed that works just fine for Junior Emily Sheets .

"I love my green pants and my blue pants and my red pants," said Sheets.

She's not too keen on Cape Public School's dress code proposal - an idea that would make her outfit out of style during school hours, and replacing it with khakis and polos.

"In the long run its going to be more expensive for me because I'm a Junior and I'd have a buy a full new wardrobe," said Sheets.

Sheets and other students like her want the school board to take their concerns into consideration when they vote on the proposal Monday night.

"I'm in the middle. I'd be cool for our school to look professional like button up shirts - but I'm more of a polo guy," said Brandon Wells.

For straight talk among students we sent Brandon Wells to campus with his camera.

Here is what one student had to say:

"The other half is its lame to wear uniforms at a public school - I mean some kids go to school not to wear uniforms."

Another student thinks it would promote equality:

"If we got one (dress code) there'd be a lot of positive effects but also some negative effects."

But some of those same students also feel they're being punished for kids who dress too sexy:

"We wouldn't need a new policy if people didn't violate the current one."

However one student told us when a girl wears a low cut shirt it is distracting:

"I feel like if people want to dress a certain way they are going to find a way around the dress code."

Students also say they worry about being uncomfortable in what they call 'stuffy' clothes. And say they don't want to lose their individuality:

"It makes school more enjoyable. What you wear to school it does have an impact but I feel my friends know who I am."

Over all, we found students have a love hate relationship with this idea of a new dress code policy. So for final words of wisdom, we went to senior Cameron Rhodes. The decision won't affect him, but he knows all his friends are talking about it.

"I know I'm sad they're going to have to deal with this," he said. "There are some distractions but never like clothes-wise."

Administrators tell us wardrobes that are just too sexy take away from learning. Carla Fee says the focus for a new proposal is centered on achieving the highest level of academics.

A vote tomorrow night will decide - watch Heartland News for the latest coverage on the air an online.

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