Wife accused in Valentine's Day stabbing speaks out

PARK HILLS, MO (KFVS) - Valentine's Day didn't go so well for a Saint Francois County couple.

The day ended with an alleged sword fight, and now plenty of unanswered questions.

The wife, Tonya Vancil, now has two warrants out for her arrest.

"It's bad, I can't wrap my head around it," said Tonya Vancil.

Vancil just got out of the hospital. She's recovering from multiple stab wounds. She has at least 11 wounds mostly to the abdomen.

Tonya and husband Jeff Vancil are separated. Tonya says she stopped by his Park Hills apartment on Valentine's evening.

"Immediately he started talking about us and asking was I going to be with him," said Vancil.

After telling him she was in love with another man, Tonya said Mr. Vancil walked up to the door and grabbed a sword.

"I held out my hands, begged him let's talk about this don't do this please," said Tonya Vancil. "He said there's no more talking and started stabbing me. I didn't know what to do. I held out my hands and hit him as hard as I could and ran out the door."

That's when Tonya says she called police.

"I thought I was going to die. I kept asking was I going to die. I was in terrible pain."

Jeff Vancil told police a different story.

According to the probable cause statement, when officers arrived on scene Mr. Vancil had a stab wound to the upper right thigh. He told police that his wife Tonya came over to his apartment so they could discuss whether to end their marriage. He allegedly told investigators that his wife grabbed a cane sword that he had behind the front door.

According to the probable cause statement, Mr. Vancil said that they both pulled on the cane and the cane came apart to make two swords. Mr. Vancil said,  "Tonya hit me in the head first with the metal part of the cane so I stabbed her. Then Tonya began swinging her sword so I stabbed her several more times. Then Tonya swung and cut my leg and I knew she got me good so I stabbed her one more time."

The prosecutor charged Mrs. Vancil with armed criminal action, and first degree assault.

Her side of the story isn't in the probable cause, and she wants to know why.

"I've never been in trouble my whole life, and I don't understand why they took his side of the story and not mine," said Tonya Vancil.

As for Jeff Vancil's stab wound, Tonya says he must have stabbed himself.

Now Tonya Vancil could go to jail. "There's two felony warrants out for my arrest."

She says she didn't do anything wrong.

The Saint Francois County Prosecuting Attorney would not comment on the investigation, but did say he has sent the case to a special prosecutor for review.

There is no word on whether Jeff Vancil will be charged.

Mr. Vancil could not be reached for comment.

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