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$4.00 a gallon gas expected by end of April

You might have experienced sticker shock if you tried to fill up your car in the past 24 hours.

Gas prices are on the rise and they vary wildly. In Cape Girardeau alone we saw a range of prices from $3.37 on the low end to $3.54 on the high end.

Officials with AAA say we're not done yet. Experts say we could see between $4.00 and $4.25 a gallon by the end of April.

Keep in mind that in some places, drivers are already paying more than that now!

The folks in Illinois, specifically the Chicago area, as well as New York and California are already paying more than $4.00 a gallon.

Missouri's toward the low end when it comes to prices but the folks at AAA say we'll all be joining those states soon enough.

So what's behind the recent jump in prices? Experts say all you have to do is look overseas.

The situation in Iran is impacting gas prices.

Iran is threatening to cut off it's oil supply to Europe.  The fear is that if Iran does cut off it's oil supply European countries will scramble to get oil anywhere they can and that will create a demand for oil - leading to higher prices.

Something no one we talked to today is ready for.

The crisis in Europe, while a big problem, isn't the only one.

Spring is also the time when oil companies retool their plants to make summer gas blends.  Taking their plants offline also contributes to the rising price of gas.

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