Chaffee family wants answers why dog was killed

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - Was a city cover up behind the killing of a Chaffee family's dog? As the sheriff's department investigates, the dog's owners' want to know why their pet was killed.

It all started Sunday when the Elfrink family realized their dog Lexi was missing. From there they started searching and contacted authorities. Eventually they learned Lexi had been killed and what's more they believe they were lied to.

"It breaks my heart that I know when they found her she was probably thinking, 'oh I get to go home.' She had no clue what was coming to her until they did it,"' said Jennifer Elfrink.

Elfrink says lies add to the hurt she and her husband and three children feel after losing their dog, 14 year old dog.

"How do you tell two 10-year-olds and a 9-year-old the police we trust did that-that's hard," said Elfrink.

Hope turned to heartache when Elfrink says she got a phone call from a stranger telling her Lexi had been picked up by the city and allegedly shot and disposed of at the compost site.

Elfrink says she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"The police department let me drive around for three hours in that van knowing what my children wanted to find was gone," Elfrink said.

Elfrink says she first contacted police at six and then on several more occasions. Each time she says they told her they had not seen her dog, yet according to the caller, officers knew what happened and told Elfrink police logs would show Lexi was actually picked up at one .

With that information, Elfrink says she confronted Chief Jim Chambers.

"He told me and my sister-in-law in his office there was nothing in that log until I told him verbatim what was there," said Elfrink.

She contacted state authorities leading to an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff's Department, state Humane Society and Department of Agriculture .

Deputy Jodie Chaney says they need to know more about what happened

He says state law requires a dog's community to hold a dog for five to ten business days.

"If it was determined it was put down and buried without anybody knowing that's not only morally wrong it's a violation of the law," he said.

Chaney uncovered Lexi's body within the city compost site. Wayne Elfrink later identified the family pet. He believes Lexi was shot as soon after authorities picked her up.

"When you make a mistake you need to own up to it, we were made a mockery," Wayne Elfrink said.

Heartland News went to City Hall to ask for their side of the story.

Chief of Police Jim Chambers says he can't comment. Meanwhile, Mayor Steve Loucks had this to say:

"Our heart goes out to the family," said Loucks. "We can't comment.

"If they had told me it would have broke my heart, but I would have been able to deal with that," said Elfrink.

According to Sheriff Rick Walter they are interviewing several city workers. Walter says according to the Department of Agriculture, there could be several violations involved depending on the results of the investigation.

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