Marion School Board votes on budget cuts

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Marion School Board members voted in Plan B Budget Reduction Plan.

The total deficit reduction should equal just more than $2 million.

The plan is revised from the original Plan A presented to the public. It says the Creal School will stay as planned as a K-8 school. Because of the decision to keep it K-8, and not change to K-5, the plan would save four teacher positions compared to the original Plan A.

There are still teacher cuts: six teachers at MJHS, PE position at MJHS, Art Position at HS, Language Arts at the HS, and an Elementary Music teacher. The plan also lays out cuts to nursing services, food services, and the athletic budget.

Both board members and people in the audience showed it was an emotional decision, and issue.

People like parent Tyler Owens say they're happy about the decision Tuesday night, and glad the Creal school will stay K-8th grade.

"We just, we love the school," said Owens. "I know everybody says that about their school, we're no different, teachers, we're like a family down there."

A number of students attended the meeting Tuesday night. Parents said the kids are interested in the topic, and have come to each public meeting.

"We're so excited, because we've been told actually since I was in 3rd grade that I was actually going to graduate in a better school," said 6th grader Kaylee Mattinger. "And then all of a sudden Creal School is almost done, and they're changing it, and then we find out that we actually get to stay and graduate, it sounds awesome."

"I'm very excited about tonight, I hope we can move forward, I hope we can all just begin healing, and the healing process, I'm thankful how things worked out," said PTO President Patty Bunderen.

No one spoke during the public comment section of the board meeting, but there have been public forums on the issue in the past.

People said they just want what's best for all the students.

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