Delta Mariner passes inspection after bridge collapse

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The Delta Mariner is now back on course to its destination.

This after the large cargo vessel crashed into the Eggners Ferry Bridge in western Kentucky at the end of last month.

The ship took out a huge section of the bridge.

Crews worked to remove the debris from the ship and just last week it was moved to the James Marine Shipyard in Paducah.

According to a Foss Maritime spokeswoman Suzanne Lagoni, repairs were made and the ship passed inspection by the Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping.

The cargo on board was not damaged and the ship left James Marine Shipyard in Paducah around 5 p.m. Friday is en route to Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Meanwhile, an investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard and NTSB into what happened continues.

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