New businesses in Downtown Cape renews hope for revitalization

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - There are more signs of new life in Cape Girardeau. Friday, a ribbon cutting was held downtown bringing with it the hope of growth in the future.

One of Cape Girardeau's newest storefronts is Cape Air. The company is flying high with its new downtown ticket office.

"It's nice that it gives our customers the option to buy tickets in person opposed to online or on the phone," said Stacey Ross-Midwest Marketing Manager. 

The Director for Old Town Cape considers it a positive sign of growth.

"It's a good indication that people want to be downtown, and they want to recognize they want to reach more people for what they do," said Marla Mills-Old Town Cape.

"I think you'll see more coming up and that's really exciting to see new things moving in as we get ready to reconstruct Broadway," said Scott Meyer-Cape Girardeau City Manager.

That is still very much a project in the making, as bids on the project are expected to go out next month.

The continued construction of the Isle of Capri Casino remains a focal point as well.

"The casino has become our downtown anchor," said Meyer. "It's going to bring a million people per year into the city and the downtown."

Entrepreneur John Buckner is leading the way when it comes to new businesses. The Broadway Esquire Entertainment Group is currently working to breathe new life into the old Esquire Theater.

"Then we'll be doing the Broadway Marquis Diner next to the Esquire in the old Grace's Café," said John Buckner. "It will be a 24 hour gourmet diner. We are very excited to be in Cape."

Plus, he's partnering to construct a fine dining establishment, Raising Cain, which is opening soon on Spanish Street.

There are still plenty of empty store fronts though. It's something city leaders hope will start to change, saying by this time next year Cape Girardeau will have a new and improved downtown.

"There is a lot going on that isn't public yet," said Marla Mills.

Meaning the Cape Air announcement could be just the beginning of many more to come.

Cape Air offers flights from Cape Girardeau to St. Louis. You can get tickets at the new office, the Cape Girardeau Airport, online, or over the phone.

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