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2/19/12 - Greetings

Watch for my ViewPoint segments on KFVS12 normally scheduled Tuesday & Thursday mornings at approximately 6:28, and Wednesday & Sunday nights following Heartland News At Ten.

Hello. My name is Tim Ingram and it is my great privilege to be the new General Manager here at your KFVS12. In case you have been wondering, I stand here now to affirm that we will continue the tradition of offering our ViewPoint and we'll continue giving you YourTurn to respond.

Up front, let me make it clear that our offering of an opinion should never be construed as news. It is simply an opinion and should be taken as just that. You see, our parent company, Raycom Media, asks its General Managers to provide editorial opinions and to engage you, our viewers, in a thought provoking, civil discussion of the issues you see in the news. It is a responsibility that I certainly do not take lightly and one that I will work hard to deliver on each week. I hope that I can live up to your expectations and to the standards expected of this commentary segment.

To let you know a little about me, I'm a native of the KFVS12 viewing area, growing up in Rector, Arkansas. I've worked in broadcasting for 25 years, and with the exception of three of my 43 years, I have spent my entire life within 300 miles from right here. As long as I can remember, KFVS12 has been known for integrity, credibility, and quality journalism and programming. It has been that way for decades. We hope to build on that tradition for years to come.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to take the helm of your CBS & CW stations and to be raising my family right here in the Heartland. I look forward to seeing you each week and serving you here at KFVS12. I hope that you will look forward to hearing from me too. 

Mine is just one of many viewpoints. If you'd like to comment I want to hear from you. Click here to e-mail your response on-line right now, or write me at the address below. Either way, be sure to include your name and hometown in case we use your comment on the air.

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