Southern Illinois Housing Authorities receive millions of dollars

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

ENERGY, IL (KFVS) - The living conditions are improving for thousands of people in public housing across Southern Illinois.

And the improvements are all part of a grant for $128-million awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The funds are to be used for new roofs, plumbing, electrical systems and energy-efficient upgrades.

The Williamson County Housing Authority is receiving $863,444 for their area.

"It's very important. If we did not receive these funds we would not be able to continue with these types of improvements," said Executive Director Mark Sosnowski. "Not only does it provide better improvements for our developments and for the people who live here. But it also improves and helps with jobs in our immediate area."

The agency is using it's share of the federal funds to install new windows at their public housing units in Hurst, Royalton and Energy.

And for those who live in the buildings being upgraded they say they are very thankful. Because even though they do pay to live there. They still could not afford to pay for the work that's being done.

"I think that's wonderful because I do have some trouble with the windows," said Margaret Kincy of Energy. " And a lot of air comes in. I just think it's a nice provision. It shows that people care about people."

"I think it's a great idea. Because the windows we got are bad and air comes through them all the time," said John Bayne of Energy. "I couldn't afford to do it. And I'm thankful we have someplace to live that they take care of that for us."

The upgrades and improvements at the Williamson County Housing Authority will also save the agency money in the future on it's power bills.

The housing authorities and amounts awarded include:

Jackson County, $1,015,594; Franklin County, $912,800;Williamson County, $863,444; Alexander County, $695,670;Saline County, $591,524; Jefferson County, $441,255; City of Marion, $411,796; Union County, $418,562;Perry County, $400,410; Massac County, $241,338; Randolph County, $238,908; Hardin County, $159,779;Pope County, $117,449; Gallatin County, $107,145; Hamilton County, $86,807; and Johnson County, $81,134.

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