Does it Work Wednesday: Flex Seal

JOHNSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Makers of Flex Seal say you simply spray this liquid rubber onto leaks and tears. Once it dries, it instantly seals it, but Does it Work?

Jennifer Ross of Tunnel Hill, Illinois has seen the commercial for the product.  It shows the spokesperson climbing into a boat with a screen door on the bottom.  Flex Seal was sprayed on the screen to seal it; the spokesperson climbs in the boat, and perhaps amazingly, the boat does not stink.

"I'm pretty skeptical. That's a pretty big claim, but if it works, it'd be a lot cheaper to spray this on the leak in our pole barn. To properly and permanently fix it, it'd be $1000. I hope it works!"

We spray Flex Seal on that leak and also try to seal up the holes of a kitchen colander.  We let Flex Seal dry for two days, in order to ensure the most accurate results.  Then, when we run water over the leak in the pole barn as well as the colander, water seeps through!  It did not work well for that.  However, Jennifer predicts this product could work on very small holes.

So, I sprayed Flex Seal on a mesh colander with holes the size of a 1/4 inch.  When I ran water through it, none seeped through.  So, it worked in that case.

Here's what doesn't work for us:  the online price.  You cannot order just one can of Flex Seal. The makers require you to "buy one, get one free" and you pay shipping on the so-called free can.  The total was $40!!!  It would've been easier just to go out and buy a new colander for that price than pay for Flex Seal to fix it!

"The price and it's limited use are not cool. I guess you could keep a can on-hand, but I"I'm disappointed," said Jennifer.

Flex Seal earns a disappointing 'D' on this Does it Work test.  Many KFVS Facebook friends say it also worked on small holes, like repairing a tear in a water hose.  Some say you can find the product in stores at a cheaper price.

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