Online dating in 2012: Disasters, dangers, and true love

(KFVS) - Dangerous, disastrous, or cyber pathway to happily ever after? We wanted to know what it's like looking for love online in 2012.

I did some research to find out if it's safe, scary, and does it work?

I was surprised to get dozens of love stories, and people eager to share.

"I was watching the girls come and go out of Wal-Mart," said Bobby Collier. "I kept thinking 'Wonder if she'd make a good wife?'"

Bobby Collier says he'd had enough of looking for love in supermarkets. That's when he decided to try his luck online. He turned to and met Melissa.

"I had just gotten in from work and I saw this girl on there," said Collier.  "It had matched us up."

First they chatted, and eventually decided to meet.

"I called her and we talked on the phone for six hours," said Collier.

"When I pulled up to his apartment, he had to help me park," said Melissa. "I knew by how well we worked together we would make a good team."

They got married soon after.  It turns out they had lived just ten blocks apart.

"We sit here today amazed," said Bobby Collier. "We can't believe how many things we have in common."

They are one of dozens of couples who flooded my inbox, couples of all ages who connected on dozens of different sites.

"We pretty much just clicked," said Hannah Kean of Sikeston.

Kean says she met James Crumbaker, a soldier, after her mom suggested she try a dating site for Christian Singles:

"Some of our friends had met on there," said Kean. "I noticed he was a good Christian guy. I was raised in a Christian home and that's how I want to raise my kids."

Hannah says she learned from the best, her grandparents shared 49 years of marries, and her mom and dad 22 years.

"He's just like my dad," said Kean. "He can quote scriptures off the top of his head. They always say you end up with somebody like your dad."

James proposed one month after they met. He is scheduled for a tour of duty in Afghanistan just a few months after their May wedding.

"Love is still love," said Kean.

Not everyone writing in found wonder in love.

Carrie from Cape Girardeau County writes: "I had a 57 year old Chiropractor wanting to set me up in his RV and tour the world of Florida. Too Weird!"

From Matt in Jackson: "After being a member of a site for a year, I finally got a letter in my inbox … It was from a transvestite looking for a date! Too scary for me!"

Mark in Cape Girardeau says: "Don't believe the pictures... it's futile and LIE FILLED, people use 10 year old photos and embellish the truth"

Meanwhile, our happy couples say don't give up on the path to love, they say they are proof it's worth giving cyber cupid a shot.

"There are millions online," said Kean.

As for the safety factor, police I spoke with say they feel online dating is safe. They say trust your instincts, and don't give away too much information to avoid identity theft.

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