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Watching the weather on The Breakfast Show

Good Morning
Today is Monday, February, 13

All eyes this morning are on the forecast. Brian and Laura are working through the numbers this morning to see just how much snow we could see here in the Heartland. And to see if there's a chance some of you might now see any!

Be sure to watch this morning, but you can also check the weather any time of the day on-line, or on the go with our mobile apps. You can also watch The Breakfast Show live this morning on your computer, iPhone or iPad, Windows Mobile or Android device.

Here are some other quick links to help you follow the weather today:

Today on The Breakfast Show we are also learning more about the death of Whitney Houston. This after a moving tribute to her was performed during the Grammy Awards Sunday night.

Closer to home, Illinois governor Pat Quinn is speaking out against recent bad publicity about his state's business climate. This morning at 5 you'll hear why he says Illinois is one of the best places in the country to start of move a business.

Along with other overnight headlines, Jim, Lauren and Stephanie have some other very interesting stories to help you start your day and week off well.

At 5:15 they will tell you about a new growing business. Baby planners are much like wedding planners, as in they will help you get ready for your big day and make sure you have exactly what you need when your newborn comes home.

And how about this... do you know the best and cheapest way to fight dry skin in the winter? If you're watching around 5:45 this morning you'll get some great tips on what you can do today to help your skin.

At 6, I know some of you really like police chase videos (it's OK to admit - I also like them). This morning we have a good one for you from Virginia. This one involves speeds of more than 100 mph and a train crossing.

This might not be breaking news, but there's new information being released today about how much (or how little) sleep kids are getting these days. We'll tell you about it around 6:30.

At 6:30, back to more new Monday morning headlines. We now know where the ship that crashed into a Western Kentucky bridge will be taken for repairs. And it is good news for a local company that's about to get some very big business.

Now, let me ask you a question (answer to yourself): how much money do you plan on spending for Valentine's Day? Did you know the national average is more than $100/person! But there's a big difference between men and women that we'll show you.

I hope you can stay warm and safe today as we see some winter weather comes into the Heartland. And again, be sure to stay tuned on-air, on-line and on-the-go to the Heartland StormTeam for the latest weather information.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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