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Lawmakers wants to make FOID cards for life


An Illinois lawmaker wants to change the way gun owners are registered in the state.

Currently, gun owners must have a valid Firearm Owner's Identification Card or FOID card to possess a firearm or buy ammunition.

They must renew that card every ten years.

House Bill 3796, sponsored by Rep. Adam Brown (R) - Decatur would eliminate the expiration date and make FOID cards valid for life as long as the card holder isn't convicted of a felony.

Rep. Mike Bost (R) - Murphysboro a co-sponsor of the bill, says he thinks FOID cards should be eliminated all together. But he says this legislation would at least minimize the inconvenience to gun owners.

"If we had to have one, it would be much better to have it forever then you only have to go through the malarkey once to get it," said gun rights supporter and retired police officer Jerry Goforth of Carbondale.

Gun control advocates oppose the bill saying the FOID card period should be shorter, not longer.

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