Police asking for help solving home burglaries

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A string of home burglaries in rural Jackson County have police now asking for the public's help to find who is responsible.

The burglaries began in the Ava area on Kinkaid Stone Road. Then police say another home a few days later was broke in to in Campbell Hill on Loy School Road.

This past week there were two homes on the Ava Road burglarized.  Police say they believe all four could be connected.

"They're daytime burglaries, happening when people are away from home," said Corporal Mark Wilson with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. "And it could be where the perpetrators are driving the area on purpose, watching the residences to see if anyone is home or not."

Police also say the items stolen are another clue.

"They're stealing firearms, jewelry and electronics," said Cpl. Wilson. "These people are getting wiser and wiser in the way they go in."

Which is why some neighbors living next to the homes that have been burglarized are now worried about their own safety.

"My mom and I are aghast because this is generally a safe neighborhood. We don't have to worry about too much. But we were very upset about it," said Diane Imhoff. "It seems like to me that somebody is watching to make sure there are no vehicles in the driveway. It's very unsettling."

Police say that if you come home and think somebody maybe inside your home do not confront them, call the police immediately.

"We are asking that everyone help each other and watch each other's property," said Cpl. Wilson."

"These people may have uniforms on, they may have a truck that has lettering on it indicating that it's a construction company or a utility company something like that. When in essence it's a cover-up for the actual burglary."

If you have any information about these crimes in Jackson County please call the Jackson County Sheriff's Office at 618-684-2177.

"They can also call us if the notice any suspicious vehicles in their neighborhoods or any unusual activity around their neighbors homes," Cpl. Wilson said.

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