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Hitler video hits Butler County sheriff's race

Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs
Butler County Presiding Commissioner Ed Strenfel Butler County Presiding Commissioner Ed Strenfel

It's already starting, what some call mudslinging and dirty politics in Butler County.

All this, before candidates officially even file for sheriff.

In Butler County, everybody is talking about a YouTube video that's gone viral.

It's footage from a movie about Hitler with subtitles used to display many pop culture rivalries. But this time it's close to home, putting Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs, and Presiding Commissioner Ed Strenfel at odds.

Dobbs says he will seek re-election, and Strenfel has announced he will run against him. The filing date is not until the end of February.

As for the video, it didn't take long for it to circulate.

"I think it's pretty low," said Charles Hon of Butler County.

"It sends a bad image of what Poplar Bluff, and Butler County are about," said Sheriff Dobbs. "It's sad." 

Dobbs says his reaction was disappointment.

"I assured everybody that I would not be engaging in these kinds of tactics and I sure did not want anybody doing them on my behalf."

Dobbs says he has a few ideas, but can't be sure who's behind the video. He says he does not necessarily think it's Strenfel.

"It really does not matter who created it," said Sheriff Dobbs. "They are no doubt out to tear me down and damage my reputation. Generally speaking, negative politics are done when people can't rest on their own attributes."

"My first reaction was shock," said Strenfel. 

He says he wants to make it clear, his campaign had nothing to do with the video.

"We don't engage in those kinds of tactics," said Strenfel. "The sheriff probably has a lot of enemies it could have been anybody."

From here on out, Strenfel says he has no plans to run a negative campaign. But, he says he knows he's in for a tough race. So he and friend, Emergency Management Director, Rick Sliger say they are looking for every way they can to reach the public.

"Whether it's edstrenfel.com, or dobbsforsheriff.com, or elmerfudd.com we are going to get that message delivered," said Sliger.

In fact, Sliger owns the domain name :dobbsforsheriff.com, which takes you to a page for the Strenfel campaign.

"I own that domain name," said Sliger. "That's another way we have to deliver our message. We think that's something people who are interested in this campaign will search."

Both Dobbs and Strenfel agree, the people of the county deserve a campaign and a leader they can trust, and people say that's exactly what they want.

"I would say we want honesty," said Brandy Webb, who lives in the county. "Instead of tearing others down try and win it on your own terms and do it honestly."

If Strenfel is elected, he says Sliger could serve as his Chief Deputy.

They tell me they feel several media outlets are manipulating information and that's why they are looking for multiple ways to get their message out.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Dobbs says he's fielding all different kinds of false websites including a bogus Facebook page he had taken down.

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