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Good Morning
Today is Tuesday, February, 7

Today is also primary day in Missouri. Even though today's presidential GOP votes do not count toward awarding delegates, there are at least a couple of very important questions on some ballots today that will affect local communities. Tyler Profilet will be live in Cape Girardeau County highlighting ballot questions involving millions of dollars for the Malden School District and the question of annexing Fruitland into the city of Jackson.

Remember tonight to go to for updated results shortly after polls close.

The weather this morning won't be too bad if you are OK with a little chill in the air. But there are some changes in store for this afternoon. Watch the Breakfast Show this morning as Brian and Laura explain the changes and how it could affect your afternoon.

This morning Jim and Lauren have a lot of other good stories to talk about. In Missouri lawmakers are now considering more changes to payday loans. See what they are at 5 this morning.

We are also working to bring you the latest on a bizarre death in West Frankfort involving a woman who was found, on fire, sitting on her front porch!

At 6 this morning we also have new details for you about the Super Bowl champion New York Giants parade that's happening this morning. Go to our streaming video page from CBS News around 10 this morning to watch it live online.

Then at 6:30 this morning, Jim and Lauren have a story that every parent in the Heartland needs to see. I don't say that often, but this time it's true. We show you what apps to look for on your children's phone or tablet that can get them into a ton of trouble. We will also show you what you can do to make sure you have control over their phone apps.

Are any of you Red Box users? It is the service that allows you to rent movies from kiosks in grocery stores. Well there is a pretty major change on the way for the service, and it's one you might be very happy to see. We've got the details for you around 5:15 and again at 6:40.

Today is also the Great ShakeOut. Ironically it comes on the following anniversary: on Feb. 7, 1812, the last of three major New Madrid Earthquakes, with an estimated magnitude of 7.7 (according to the USGS), shook the central Mississippi River Valley.

I hope there's no rumbling like that in our future!

Thanks for getting up early with your morning news team - it's so good to have you part of our family each morning.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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