Man's murder, arson case in Doniphan continued

Keith Boyles' case was continued until April for murder and arson charges in a case that shocked the Doniphan area in the summer of 2010.

That's when a fire destroyed the home of Loyd and Irene Piatt in June 2010.

A month later a similar fire destroyed the home of Ed Atkinson and Bonnie Chase.

Authorities say the second couple was murdered.

That lead to exhuming the bodies of the Piatts.  An autopsy showed the Piatts were also shot to death.

David and Melissa Youngblood, their daughter Chantelle and her boyfriend Keith Boyles each face murder charges for the deaths of Atkinson and Chase.

They remain suspects in the deaths of Loyd and Irene Piatt who are David Youngblood's aunt and uncle.

Boyles' next court date is April 2.

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