Crews work to free the Delta Mariner

(Source: KYTC)
(Source: KYTC)

LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES, KY (KFVS) - The efforts to remove the twisted and tangled remains of the Eggner's Ferry Bridge from the bow of the Delta Mariner are underway.

On Saturday morning crews began cutting away the sub-surface material from the portside of the ship. They moved to the starboard side on Sunday.

But, according to Lt. Jennifer Jessee with the U.S. Coast Guard the removal of the debris from the ship could take several more weeks.

Meanwhile, some people are questioning how the ship hit the bridge in the first place.

"The pilot of the boat should have went through that area numerous times before,"said Rusty Rugg of Clarksville, TN. "And with all the navigational equipment that he has you would have thought that he would have knew where he was."

That is just one of the many questions the U.S. Coast Guard is asking the captain and his crew. As they investigate why the ship wasn't in the designated shipping lane that runs underneath the bridge on Kentucky Lake.

"I think that the people that were operating it should not have been operating it," said Merrill Pegg of Charlotte, TN. "They should have had the right captain up there. They knew they were that close to the bridge."

Lt. Jessee says that once the remaining sub-surface material is removed from the right-side of the Delta Mariner it will be relocated to a safe harbor of refuge on Kentucky Lake. That location will be north of the ship's current location.

"Crews will begin removing the remainder of the debris from the bow of the ship once it is anchored at the new location. And there will also be a crew removing any of the bridge debris that has settled on the bottom of the lake," said Lt. Jessee.

Lt. Jessee says the captain and crew have remained onboard the ship since the collision with the bridge. They've only stepped off to be questioned and help with the coordinating efforts to free the Delta Mariner.

At this time the future location of the Delta Mariner is not being released.

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