Super Bowl means more TV sales

(KFVS) - Television sales and rental skyrocket for Super Bowl Sunday, especially big screens.

In fact, the National Retail Federation is predicting record high sales in preparation for the big game.

One study showed that one in twelve people are buying a new TV for Super Bowl.

Retailers are promoting the newest technology, including smart TVs and 3D televisions.

Experts say that's what the game will look the best on.

Some retailers are offering 60 or 70 inch televisions for under $2,000.

If you're planning to rent a big screen for the game, plan on spending at least $300.

That's the going rate for a 55 inch TV nationwide.

In most cases, your money is better spent on buying the TV than renting.

Other ideas for large parties, such as renting out a movie theater to watch the game, are prohibited by NFL rules.

If you combine TV sales and rental and add in food sales, Americans are expected to spend $11 billion on the Super Bowl this year.

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