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Good Morning
Today is Friday, February 3

So the challenge for Brian this morning is to bring us weather like we've had the last two days. I just checked with him and he's working in the StormTeam Center to see what he can do. But don't be surprised if only half the day is that nice. Watch The Breakfast Show now for his latest forecast.

Overnight firefighters were called to a mobile home fire in Wappapello. The fire has destroyed the home. Watch for new pictures coming in to the newsroom throughout The Breakfast Show this morning.

There's not so good news coming from the head of one of the Heartland's large employers this morning. I'm talking about the Unilever Corporation that runs a couple of plants in Sikeston. Hear what's going on at 5 this morning.

And there's some new video we'll be playing this morning you should watch. Customer's claws were out and swinging at a St. Louis area Red Lobster recently and it was all caught on tape! We'll tell you what they were so crabby about (sorry, had to).

There is also new information this morning on a push in the Missouri legislature to allow you to kill a mountain lion! This comes just weeks after a man in Reynolds County caught a live Mountain Lion in a trap.

The push for expanded gambling in Kentucky has suffered a blow; watch to see why this amendment may not be talked about again for quite a while.

At 6 this morning Jim and Lauren will be brining you parts of a new interview of the parents of the missing infant in Kansas City know as Baby Lisa.

This morning we're also looking ahead to the weekend! It's Super Bowl time and for many that will mean finding the biggest big screen TV around. Tyler has some information that may help you enjoy the big game a little bit more than last year.

There are three more stories this morning you just have to see. First, Murray State pulls out another win last night, but not before SEMO players showed them the Redhawks are not a team to be taken lightly. Second, at 5:15 see how the Zodiac Valentine's Day Menu Game works. I've linked this on our home page. Check it out - it's pretty cool. And third, the singing Sonic order. This one you just gotta turn up your TV and enjoy. We'll play some of it for you this morning around 6:45.

Thanks for getting up early with The Breakfast Show team!

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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